About Us

Bundelkhand Art Society is a rapidly growing organization of the Bundelkhand region. This official website of Bundelkhand Art Society is to share and promote all the activities conducted by us.

Bundelkhand Art Society is a registered society under the Society Act 1860 established on 30 May 2017 to work for Arts & Culture as well as education, social welfare, women empowerment & awareness for the society.

There was the requirement of an organization in the Bundelkhand Region that can regularize & keep active the National & International artistic activities by developing, empowering & promoting all types of Fine Arts & Culture. This was the dream of Bundelkhand born eminent artist & Art Educationist Mueen Akhtar. He has the desire to see the Bundelkhand Region as an international center for Arts and culture. He has also a dream to build up a strong art community at a large level to support and promote artists’ communities.

Bundelkhand Art Society

It's not an organization, it's is a family of creative people. We are creating a community to promote art & Artists.

Our Beliefs

We always believe in performing our tasks rather than of show off. Since the establishment of the Bundelkhand Art Society, we have focused to promote art as well as providing maximum benefits to the artists.  However, a long way to go, but one thing is clear, we are here for the artists’ community.

We have created so many possibilities for the artists and our members to develop themselves as an artist as well as a motivated professional. Although we aim to promote art & culture, yet we believe this can’t happen unless we develop artists. So we request to all art lovers, artists, social workers to join hands with us to make a better community where we all can promote not only art but can promote each one of us who think about art.

Know our Vision & Mission