Annual Art Exhibition

National Annual Art Exhibition

National Annual Art Exhibition is the first and main event of Bundelkhand Art Society. The first National Exhibition was organised in Feb, 2018. Later on, the second edition of this Annual Exhibition was held in Nov, 2019. Pleas click here to find out more about all the exhibitions, rules, awards and latest updates.

Manu-International Woman Artist Exhibition

Manu-International Women Art Exhibition

Celebrating International Women's Day, Bundelkhand Art Society provide a free of cost International platform for women artists around the world. The Society successfully conducted two exhibition consequtively in March 2020 & 2021. Read more about the show, its rules and more details.

All India Child Art Exhibition

All India Child Art Exhibition & Contest

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Achiever Awards-2022

Bundelkhand Art Society presents Achiever Awards-2022. These awards are open to all the male & females from India. This awards is based on the last year achievements/contribution. If you have such contribution or achievement, Apply for this awards...

Bundelkhand Art Festival

Bundelkhand Art Festival

After the establishemnt of the Bundelkhand Art Society, we launched Bundelkhand Art Festival specially for students. This Art festival is organised to promote art among the students of diffrents schools of Bundelkhand. We hosted many programs in many schools. Find out more about it...