Terms & Conditions of Membership

Welcome to the page of terms & Conditions of Membership. Bundelkhand Art society is a rapidly growing Non-profitable and non-government organization. It is working for the promotion, dissemination, and development of the art and artist community. So, for this, we need a team of members who have passion, devotion, and spirit of social work in the field of art. Fortunately, we are getting such individuals regularly. Hence, to built up a strong association with artists, art lovers and passionate worker, our managing team has made the following terms & condition for Membership Program:

Basic Terms

  1. Membership Program of Bundelkhand Art Society provide opportunity to get membership of the society. Even it also allow the member to leave the membership at any time.
  2. Membership is open to all those who has faith in our by-laws & policies made & updated  by Managing committee time to time.
  3. BAS Membership program promote family culture among the members. We have aim to develop a family of creative, talented and passionate persons who wish to do something in Art.
  4. We are not political organisation. That’s why we have no portfolio for members. We just work under a banner. That’s Bundelkhand Art Society. But if someone wish to contribute somewhere or in some project, he/she will be given equal opportunities.
  5. Anybody can take our membership in case he/she has to
    • Pay the membership Fees or submit the assets of the same amount.
    • Be recommended by the membership committee or managing committee for free membership.
  6. Any renowned artists, art lovers, social worker or any impressive personality may be given free membership as per the recommendation by the membership committee or managing committee.

Membership Fee

  1. There is membership charges/fee to be our member. This charges or fee is updated every year in the month of April by the membership committee.
  2. Presently the membership fee is as under:
    • A lifetime Membership Fee – Rs. 5000 Indian Rupees (Rs. 3000 Indian Rupees for students) or donating the assets of the same cost. (for International Artist & Art Lover)
    • Yearly Membership fee- Rs. 2000 (Rs. 1000 for student)
    • Fee for Patrons of the Society- Rs. 30,000 cash or by donating assets of the same cost.
  3. Membership fee is non-refundable.

Free Membership

  1. Society wishes to extend its objects and aims to the maximum person globally. For this purpose, the society will provide a free membership to the most influenced person of his/her locality, community, or area.
  2. Under above objective, any renowned artists, students, art lovers, social workers, or anybody (with whom society can get extension among the new people or area), may be given free membership.  
  3. We will also provide free membership for those who are financially weak to bear the charge of our membership. The artists, students, or art-lovers having a keen interest to associate with us but they can not able to pay a fee, can be given free membership.
  4. Free membership person will also avail all the facilities & concessions which we provide to our regular paid members.

Cancelation or Debar from the Membership

The society has no rules to debar anyone from the membership without any reason. The following reason or act may cancel membership of a person automatically if:

  1. Someone acts against the by-laws of the organization.
  2. He/she has a criminal record or he/she found involved in illegal activities which is against the law of Indian Govt.
  3. Someone defames the dignity & goodwill of the society.
  4. Member is not regularly active. (For Local members- regular absent in last three meetings or event, for outside members- no regular participation in last three event only)
  5. Member ask for time to submit membership fee, but did not submit the fee. So, in case he/she did not pay fee up to the asked time, his/her membership will be canceled.
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