Manu 4 Exhibition-2023

Manu 4

As per the last three years, the Manu 4 exhibition had a grand opening. On the occasion of Women’s Day, the fourth edition of Manu was conducted on 15 & 16 March 2023. A large number of people proved the success of this event Manu-4. Artists Megha Kapoor & Puja Kumar added glory to this event.


The inauguration of this exhibition was on 15 March 2022. Bundelkhand Art Society was organized under the joint aegis of the Government Museum. The Chief Guest Mrs. Megha Kapoor (Vice-president IWS India) along with Puja Kumar (Founder, Opus Kala Sanyojan) inaugurated Manu 4-(Women Power) International Women Painters Exhibition-2023.

Manu 4 -An International Women Artist Exhibition-2023

The Purpose of the Exhibition and the Name

Bundelkhand Art Society dedicates this exhibition every year to Rani Laxmi Bai of Jhansi. This exhibition provides respect and a proper platform for women. It also honors him for his art and his contribution to any field. However, the title of this exhibition was given to the childhood name of Queen Laxmi Bai of Jhansi, “Manu”. In fact, the Bundelkhand Art Society believes that there can be no better ideal than the Rani of Jhansi.

Program of Manu-4

The exhibition was inaugurated by cutting the lace and lighting the lamp in the gallery. After that, the guests performed Tilak to Jhansi ki Rani & Jhalkari bai. Importantly, two of the female artists of the show got up the dress up of Queen of Jhansi & Jhalkari Bai. Sadhana Niranjan was in Laxmi Bai get-up while Kamini Mishra was in Jhalkari Bai custume. In this way, they dedicated the whole show to the queen of Jhansi Laxmi Bai. Lastly, the guest lightened the lamp.

After the official inauguration, the guests observed the paintings in the exhibition. They also talked to the painters. Megha Kapoor and Puja Kumar talked to every artist and asked about her painting. They also gave some suggestions & tips to them.

In fact, she said that Manu Exhibition is a great effort. Through this, the Bundelkhand Art Society has played a commendable role. Surely, It is providing an international platform to women artists.

Tea Party Conference

After visiting the gallery, all are gathered in a hall in the gallery for the Tea party conference. Light refreshments were served there to all. Earlier, Mueen Akhtar introduced all the local artists, society members, and volunteers to the guests. Talking about the art journey, Artist Puja Kumar told her story. She described how she worked hard for art and her struggle. On the other hand, Megha Kapoor also told her story of her personal and professional life. She gave some inspiring facts about life and art struggle. Both artists motivated the other to work regularly. In the end, Mridula Saxena gave the vote of thanks.

Tea Party Conference
Manu-4 megha kapoor, puja kumar, iws india, iws,
Group Photo after Tea Party Conference

Watercolor Demonstration

On 16 March 2023, watercolorists Megha Kapoor & Puja Kumar demonstrated watercolor painting in the gallery. First of all, Megha Kapoor started the demo. She showed some of her watercolor paintings and described them. Then she painted a rose flower in her demo. There was a huge crowd to see the demo. After Megha ji, Artist Puja Kumar started her demo. She also painted rose flowers in her style. The viewer enjoyed a lot these demos.

During these demos, Mueen Akhtar, Vikrant Jha, Kishan Soni, Mridula Saxena, Meraj Fatima, Sapna Raikwar, and Vaishali Choudhary were presented.

Here are some images of the Watercolor Demonstration

Manu 4

Manu Samman Award and Gold Medalist

Meraj Fatima was the head of the Exhibition organizing team. So, she said that 5 International painters and 54 national artists participated in this exhibition. However, the selection committee selected the following painters for the gold medal:

  1. Mridula Saxena (Jhansi)
  2. Deepika Roy (Bhopal)
  3. Sangeeta Nagariya (Jhansi)
  4. Kabita Kamrakar (Chakradharpur)
  5. Namrata Kushwaha Mona (Jhansi)
Manu 4
Group Photo of All Gold Medalists
Deepika Roy from Bhopal received Gold Meda
Distribution of Gold Medal
Sangeeta Nagariya from Jhansi
Mridula Saxena From Jhansi received Gold Medal
Mona (Namrata Kushwaha) from Jhansi receiving Gold Medal

The Bundelkhand Art Society honored The Manu Award to Megha Hada Kapoor & Puja Kumar. In fact, Society gave them Manu Samman for their remarkable contribution and work in watercolor painting.

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