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Vikrant Jha is the Vice-President of the Bundelkhand Art Society. He blongs to Talbehat in district Lalitpur. However, he has a medical background but since childhood, he had been an natural artists within him. During Corona pendamic, he was inspired to start painting.

Art Inspiration

Mueen Akhtar loves drawing since his childhood & used to make sketches of his time superhero and animals. His grandfather (Nanaji) also inspired him.

Being the only son of his parents, Mueen was not allowed to spend time making drawings. Initially, his parents were concerned about his study more than anything. One day, his grandfather (Nanaji) saw his hidden talent. He encouraged Mueen to do it regularly. His grandfather also convinced his parents to allow him to continue his drawing. After all, his grandfather was non-other than a famous poet of Jhansi. His grandfather was known as Mazak Jhansvi.

His Art

He is very good at sketching. He can draw anything within very little time. Since his childhood, he did only pencil sketching and pen drawing. When he did his diploma in 2002, for the first time he used brushes and color. His early Guru was Dr. Subhesh. Dr. Subhesh was the most senior artist of Jhansi. In the Fine Art department during his PG, he also studied art theoretically as well as practically. 

Our Members

Basically, he chooses a watercolor medium to work on. But he is also good with Oil color and acrylic color. He painted many realistic landscapes and cityscapes with watercolor. The transparency of color, brightness & freshness of his color in his work attracts the people. In 2021 he started an initiative named Explore Bundelkhand. Under this initiative, he along with his best friend Artist Vikrant Jha and others will paint historical monuments and scenery of Bundelkhand Region. Although, he already painted many monuments and areas of Bundelkhand like- Chanderi fort, Jhansi Frt, Talbehat Fort, Orchha Fort & also scenes of Jhansi, Railway Station, Mata Teela, Kashmir Vally, and others. 

His airplane series work is also a very remarkable work of watercolor. He made around 15 paintings on this theme. All are exceptionally high in quality and very different work. You can see on the painting Airplane series above.

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