Art Festival In Suryanshi Kala Kendra

Bundelkhand Art Festival

The Theme Of Bundelkhand Art Festival

The theme of the Bundelkhand Art Festival was “Beti Bachao Beti Padaao” (Save Girl Child, Educate Girl Child).  So, the students showed their wonderful creativity on this theme. Especially girls participants showed serious concern on this theme. However, they painted some beautiful theme-based paintings.

Bundelkhand Art Festival in Suryanshi Kala Kendra
Bundelkhand Art Festival in Suryanshi Kala Kendra

Bundelkhand Art Festival In Suryanshi Kala Kendra

Suryanshi Kala Kendra is a very popular art center. It was located in the city area in Jhansi. Kishan Soni is the owner of this Kendra. He is the only teacher who runs this institute for the last many years. However, he is a very good artist. So, the students attract to his beautiful paintings. 

The Event Under First Bundelkhand Art Festival 2017-2018 

Bundelkhand Art Society hosted a painting competition on ‘Beti Bachao’ (Save girls child). However, this event was organized under the First Bundelkhand Art Festival-2018. The Society organized this event in association with Suryanshi Kala Kendra on 10 Jan 2018.

Suryanshi Kala Kendra is running in Arya Samaj Mandir Old City Jhansi. In fact, Kishan Soni is the owner of Suryanshi Kala Kendra. So, this event was organized in Suryanshi Kala Kendra.

The participants in a good number painted their imaginations on paper through color and brushes. Bundelkhand Art society conducts such festivals every year. Mr. Mueen Akhtar, Ramesh Sonkar, Kamini Baghel are special guests on that occasion.

Bundelkhand Art Festival in Suryanshi Kala Kendra
Bundelkhand Art Festival in Suryanshi Kala Kendra

Judgment Jury Of The Event

There was a judgment jury to judge the paintings of the participants. However, the jury carefully watched and study the work done by the candidates. After all, their keen observation and study of the works, they selected the top three winners from each category.

The Judgement Jury has Mrs. Kamini Baghel, Mahendra Singh Patel, and Vandana Agrawal. Kamini Baghel was an international fam artist. While Mr. Mahendra Patel is a & Mrs. Vandana Agrawal is a social worker and artist. They are sorting out the best out of the best to choose first-second and third. In fact, the participants showed great creativity in their artworks. So, the judges face difficulties to choose the best ones.

Media Reports of Bundelkhand Art Society
Media Coverrage in Swadesh Jhansi on 11 Jan 2018

Final Result

Choosing first, second, and third was not an easy task for judges. However, they faced difficulties to choose the top three in each category. In fact, they also picked out some consolation entries too. So, as per the observation and final decision of the jury, the following was the result: 

Junior Category

In the Junior category, the result is:

  • First- ParthPandey
  • Second- Iqra Khan
  • Third- Vidushi Shivhare 
Senior Category

In Senior Category, the result is:

  • First- Ananya Gupta,
  • Second- Garima Rajput,
  • Third- Anupam Namdev and
  • Consolation Prize– Lalit Prajapati.