Bundelkhand Art Festival Inaugurated

Bundelkhand Art Festival
Bundelkhand Art Society launched its first-ever project- Bundelkhand Art Festival-20217. Bundelkhand Art Festival will give opportunities to the kids’ artists to the platform. This project is to promote art among the school students.


Under the First Bundelkhand Art Festival-2017, various programs were organized. This first Art Festival was organized in Hafiz Siddique Inter College (English Medium), Jhansi. The time of this event was at 10.00 am on 02 Oct 2017. This was the first-ever event of the Society.


It was a great opportunity for the participants. However, they showed great enthusiasm and interest in the competitions. Almost more than 174 participants took part in this Bundelkhand Art Festival-2017. So, they participated in different categories & competitions. The main competitions which are open to them, are:

  1. Paintings Competition
  2. Cartooning Competition
  3. Mehandi Competition
  4. Poetry Competition
  5. Essay Writing Competition
  6. Hand Writing Competition
Bundelkhand Art Festival
Bundelkhand Art Festival in Hafiz Siddique Inter College

Main Event

The programs were started at 10 am in the morning on 02 Nov 2017. The venue school allotted three rooms for conducting the art festival. In fact, the school provided us great supports and cooperation.

Mr. Ramesh Sonkar, the president of the Society was the main organizer of this event. However, Mr. Azeem Khan (Honey) was the representative of the Society. So, They organized the whole program under their supervision. School Coordinator Mr. Musharrat Ali was the venue director while from the society, Mr. Ramesh Sonkar was the Program Director. Mrs. Kiran Babariya, Drawing Teacher of the venue school also co-operated with the Society to conduct these programs.

Judgment Committee

The Judgement Committee has renowned artists to judge the performance of the students. Mr. Kishan Soni, Kamini Baghel, and Mr. Mueen Akhtar were members of this committee. So, these artists judged the talents of the participants. Therefore, they made the judgment on the basis of the different categories and themes of the events.


As per the judgments from the Judgement committee, the following was the result:

Category A
  • First- Kiran Kannojia
  • Second- Pradumn
  • Third- Chetna Ratnakar
Category B
  • First- Tanishka Agarwal
  • Second- Kajal Raikwar
  • Third- Muskan Khan
Category C
  • First- Shaureen Qureshi
  • Second- Himanshi Shrivas

There were not the participants as per our benchmark, so only two participants were selected first and second. However, the participants were also very few in cartooning so a special award was given to these two students.

Prizes & Certificates Distribution

At the end of the program, all the guests and students interacted with each other. On this occasion, Mr. Mueen Akhtar addressed the students. He appreciated and congratulated the students for participating in the event. After this, Kishan Soni, Mueen Akhtar & school Coordinator Musharraf Ali distributed prizes. They gave away Mementos with certificates to the winners as well as all participants.

The certificates of participation were given away to each participant. At last Mr. Ramesh Sonkar gave the vote of thanks to all.

Media Coverage

Amar Ujala Jhansi dated 27 Dec 2017:

Art Festival
Amar Ujala_27_12_2017

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