Art Festival in Vivekanand Inter College Jhansi

Art Festival in Vivekand Inter College Jhansi
Bundelkhand Art Society organized the second event of Bundelkhand Art Festival-2017 in Vivekanand Inter College Jhansi. This was the second-ever event of the Society. The Society host many Competitions under Art Festival.

Swami Vivekanand Inter College Jhansi

Bundelkhand Art Society hosted its second event in Swami Vivekanand Inter College Jhansi. Swami Vivekanand Inter College is situated at Rani Mahal Jhansi. This college is surrounded by so many houses. It is a dense locality that belongs to old traditional Jhansi. However, the college is beautiful and has all the infrastructure for the students.

Before this School, the society hosted its first event in Hafiz Siddique Inter College Jhansi.

Art Festival

Bundelkhand Art Society organized various competitions in the College. In fact, all these competitions were under the first Bundelkhand Kala Festival-2017. The date of the event was 26th December 2017. These competitions included painting, calligraphy, poetry writing, and mehndi.

The students of Swami Vivekananda College showed great enthusiasm. Consequently, they participated enthusiastically in all the competitions. However, a total of 102 participants took part in all the competitions. The kids showed a wonderful dedication to art. They displayed a colorful imagination on their paper. Finally, their colorful imagination and talents were clearly seen in their paintings.

Judgment Committee & Guest

Mr. Kishan Soni & Mueen Akhtar and were the special guests in the program. Mr. Kishan Soni is a famous painter of Jhansi city. While Mr. Mueen Akhtar is an Art Educator, Artists, art promoter. However, Mueen Akhtar is the founder of the society. So, both the dignitaries added glory to the event with their presence.


This was the second program of the society. So, the officials of the society were naturally energetic & excited. Initially, the principal Mrs. Anjana Saraswat welcomed all Society’s members & participants. Mueen Akhtar conducted the program. Shivangi Verma was the drawing teacher of the school. Therefore, she assisted us in managing all events.

Painting Competition Result

The judgment committee selected the children for prizes. Kishan Soni, Principal Anjana, and Shivangi chased the best candidates in each category. Finally, the results are:

Group A
  • First- Bhoomika
  • Second- Rano Tiwari
  • Third-Kanak Shrivas
Group B
  • First- Satakshi Awasthi
  • Second- Disha Soni
  • Third-Shaili Sharma
Group C
  • First- Satayam Sahu
  • Second- Kartikiye Soni
  • Third- Diksha Verma

The special prizes were given to Yaashika and Shruti Sharma in the Mehndi competition and Prince Prajapati in the calligraphy competition.

Principal Anjana Saraswat giving away Prize to the winner

Closing of the Event

When all the activities ended, the closing ceremony took place. So, school principals & guests distributed the prizes to participants. Society gave the best top three prizes in each category. However, the society gave away participation certificates to all participants. So, the participants were very happy.

Now, so far as the guest & Society representatives are concerned, there are few persons. Mr. Dheeraj Khare & Ayan Khan were the society’s representatives there. Whereas, Ankit Soni and Shivangi Verma were especially present on this occasion. In the end, the school’s principal Mrs. Anjana Saraswat expressed her gratitude to all.

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